Colony S2K, through its wholly-owned broker-dealer, S2K Financial, is a distributor of institutional-based investment programs designed to create value for investors. We embrace the important and evolving industry changes in the offerings we distribute through effective duration, size and diversification.

Our mission

We believe each investment offering we bring to market supports:

  • Treating investors
    ethically and
    with integrity

  • Leading the
    evolution of industry
    fee structures

  • Maximizing
    returns to investors

  • Prioritizing
    of capital

S2K Financial Current Offerings


Intends to offer individual investors access to an institutionally managed portfolio of premium-branded, select-service hotels that are geographically diversified across the United States.

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Invests in a diversified portfolio of real estate and real estate-related investments including but not limited to CRE debt, securities and equity.

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Featured Insights


The Case for Commercial Real Estate Debt

Discover how CRE fundamentals have evolved in the wake of the financial crisis and what types of lending opportunities are available today.


Think Beyond Traditional Asset Allocation

Find out why many individual investors are following the lead of institutional investors to pursue alternative asset allocations.


Alternative Product Structure Comparison

Investment managers are increasingly turning to alternative products to provide broader access for investors through a variety of structures.


A Closer Look at CMBS

Commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) is often a misunderstood asset class. Learn what CMBS is, how it works and the potential benefits of including CMBS investments in a diversified portfolio.


Navigating Income and Diversification

Discover why we believe investing in CRE debt and CMBS may help reduce portfolio risk while generating potential income.

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